Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rona Ambrose defends climate change...

...plan. She defends Canada's New Government's approach to tackle climate change in 2050. Gosh you gotta love a Minister of the Environment that places the environment into its place - second, or third, or maybe at least fourth when it comes to settling Canada's international obligations and commitments. With that kind of "take charge" and "run away" attitude, she'll earn the nickname Runa Awaybrose in no time.

In other news, BRex works at a store that doesn't rhyme with Minister Ambrose's first name. It's one of those homographs. The store is a homograph, not BRex - he likes girls. I hope that the Conservatives approach to same-sex marriage doesn't take a bad turn, and turn same-name words. Otherwise either Rona, or Rona, could be in for some legislation against them cohabitating the same name space.


Blogger BRex said...

you do know im batting for the other team now right?

I mean the blue team.... I still like girls! SEND ME A GIRL AND ILL PROVE IT!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Saskboy said...

The Blue Rona team, but not the Blue Conservative team ;-)

9:57 PM  
Blogger Younghusband said...

All due respect, with its population of 30 million, Canadians can all live in igloos for all the good it'll do. I live in Beijing with half that number in the city alone, and I can't go out without wearing a mask. Hell, 30 million were killed in this country in 3 years and no-one noticed...

4:03 AM  

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