Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Sweat Pants Button

I Cant Stay Mad At You

Well im back after a long hiatus. But I have a great excuse. What is it? uhhh, my chair was defective.

Thats right I got a new blogging chair. A reclining blogging chair with footstool. Black... Leather... The works. All for the low low price of 90 dollars

Where did I get it? AT MY NEW JOB! Thats right I quit working for the Orange Devils. They gave me an ultimatum quit the physio you need to recover from your car accident. Or dont get any hours.

So I went to the competition and said I accept your offer to pay me more.

I also bought a new car since Autopac has refused to let me have my old one.
yknow cuz they sold it to someone before they owned it.

Honda Civic
50000k (almost)
Reliable car?
Check back for an update and a link to my next blog ""
With Sound AND video.


Blogger Saskboy said...

Congratulations on your triumphant blogging return. encore!

5:45 PM  

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