Friday, December 15, 2006

What do you get the Olympic athlete who has everything?

A medal for a medal

Okay so I may just be jealous because I like shiny things, But I was reading the paper and learnt that Cindy klassen, Canadas Multimetalist at the Olympics, has received yet another award for her award winning performance at the last games.

That means that because she won all those medals we have given her two more medals and, yes; an honorary law degree. Dont get me wrong I know shes the best at the world at what she does, but what she does is run and skate really fast, and she ALSO WON MULTIPLE OLYMPIC MEDALS FOR IT!

Yknow what id like to see? People getting medals for doing something useful, and yes im aware of the Nobel prize (but does anyone remember who won for chemistry last year? I sure as hell dont). Hell I wired up a table to work by remote control, I didnt even get a button. Just a burn from my soldering torch.

But I digress, if atheletes are worthy of Honorary law degrees than shouldnt lawyers be awarded honorary olympic medals? At least the top of the class should get one shouldnt they? Its only fair.


Blogger Saskboy said...

It's related to fame begetting more fame.

11:30 AM  
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